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Celebrate Fleet Week: May 18-22

Fleet is where the rubber of our lives hits the road – literally. Groceries, home repairs, construction, utilities and more all keep running thanks to the fleet professionals behind the scenes. From delivery drivers who transport critical packages, to managers overseeing service vans, to maintenance professionals who keep cars on the road, and everyone in between – they work hard so the world stays moving. We want to celebrate these unsung heroes.

Help Us #CelebrateFleet

From May 18-22, we’ll be thanking the professionals who make sure people, goods and services get where they need to go every day. We invite you to recognize the fleet professionals in your life:

  • Share photos and stories on social using #CelebrateFleet

  • Send a thank you note or email to a fleet professional in your network

  • Post a message on

  • Do a random act of kindness for a delivery driver

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Show your fleet pride with our profile banners and graphics for your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter profile! There are 3 profile banner designs to choose from and 1 Thank You Graphic to share on your social media channels. After the image loads in the new window, Right Click on image and Save Image.


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Share your thanks with our social graphic! Simply download it, write your message of thanks in your social platform of choice, attach the image, and post. It also works as a great digital thank you card to send via email or direct message.

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Celebrate a Fleet Hero

Help celebrate a person or team.

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